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SlimLine Connecting System™

The SlimLine Connecting System™ is a power connector featuring a slim body of only .25″ high. This patent pending connector allows for low profile applications without reducing current or voltage capabilities.*

*In comparison to a standard NEMA 5-15 plug typically rated at 10 AMP’s at 125 Volts.

SlimLine Connecting System™

Superior Connector Solutions

Multiple Applications

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Industrial & Office Lighting

Floor Heating


Daisy Chain applications

Just How Slim is it?

Let’s compare it to a standard plug, a NEMA 1-15p. The SlimLine Connecting System™ handles the same current & voltage but at only one-third the height. Allowing fitment in even the tightest of spaces.

Is it waterproof?

Yes. The SlimLine Connecting System™ features special micro-seal technology that allows for an IP68 Rating. Our in-house testing laboratory surpassed the typical IP68 test by submerging the connector in 2 meters of water for up to 1 hr. To clarify, this is not an underwater connector, but rest assured the SlimLine Connecting System™ can withstand most wet areas and splash prone conditions without interruption.

P/N Current/Volt Cable Approval
Plug: LP-CM-OR-M3; Receptacle: LP-CM-OR F3 10 AMP/125 VAC SPT (18 AWG & 16 AWG) Patent Pending